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Baby Name List from for letter Y

Sr NoName with Meaning and Zodiac Sign
1Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
2Yasmin – Jasmine flower (Libra)
3Yvette – Archer (Sagittarius)
4Yvonne – Archer (Sagittarius)
5Yael – Mountain goat (Capricorn)
6Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
7Yasmine – Jasmine flower (Libra)
8Yohan – God is gracious (Leo)
9Yuliana – Youthful (Leo)
10Yvanna – God is gracious (Leo)
11Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
12Yvonne – Archer (Sagittarius)
13Yvette – Archer (Sagittarius)
14Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
15Yasir – Wealthy (Taurus)
16Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
17Yara – Water lady (Scorpio)
18Yvonne – Yew wood (Cancer)
19Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
20Yasmin – Jasmine flower (Libra)
21Yael – Mountain goat (Capricorn)
22Yvonne – Archer (Sagittarius)
23Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
24Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
25Yasmin – Jasmine flower (Libra)
26Yohan – God is gracious (Leo)
27Yvette – Yew wood (Cancer)
28Yvonne – Yew wood (Cancer)
29Yasmine – Jasmine flower (Libra)
30Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
31Yvanna – God is gracious (Leo)
32Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
33Yara – Water lady (Scorpio)
34Yasmin – Jasmine flower (Libra)
35Yvonne – Yew wood (Cancer)
36Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
37Yael – Mountain goat (Capricorn)
38Yvette – Archer (Sagittarius)
39Yohan – God is gracious (Leo)
40Yuliana – Youthful (Leo)
41Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
42Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
43Yasmin – Jasmine flower (Libra)
44Yvonne – Yew wood (Cancer)
45Yvette – Archer (Sagittarius)
46Yash – Fame, success (Leo)
47Yasir – Wealthy (Taurus)
48Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
49Yara – Small butterfly (Gemini)
50Yuliana – Youthful (Leo)

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