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Baby names started with letter L.

Name Meaning Zodiac Sign
Lagan Appropriate time, celebration Scorpio
Lajja Modesty, shyness Leo
Laksh Aim, target Aquarius
Laksha White rose, target Capricorn
Lakshana Distinguishing features, sign Scorpio
Lakshay Target, goal Aquarius
Lakshita Distinguished, marked Sagittarius
Lalana Beautiful woman Pisces
Lata Creeper, vine Pisces
Latha Creeper, vine Scorpio
Latika Small creeper, related to flowers Scorpio
Lavana Handsome, salt Pisces
Lavanya Beauty, gracefulness Scorpio
Laxman Lord Rama's brother Aquarius
Leela Play, divine drama Pisces
Lekha Writing, picture, letter Aquarius
Lekhya Writing, picture, letter Pisces
Leora Light Scorpio
Lila Play, divine drama Pisces
Lilavati Playful, charming woman Scorpio
Lina Alive, tender Pisces
Lisha Lucky Leo
Lochan Eye, sight Scorpio
Lohit Red Leo
Lokesh Lord of the world, king Leo
Lokni Intelligent, capable Sagittarius
Lola Sorrows Aquarius
Lona Beauty, pretty Pisces
Lopa Learned woman Pisces
Lourdes French city, famous pilgrimage Pisces
Lubna Storax, perfume Scorpio
Luv Lord Rama's son Scorpio
Luvya Loveable, cute Pisces
Laxmi Goddess of wealth Aquarius
Lakshmika Goddess of wealth Aquarius
Lalima Reddish glow Scorpio
Lalitya Playful, charming girl Scorpio
Latif Kind, gentle Pisces
Lavanthika Beautiful, spicy Scorpio
Lavender Purple flower, fragrant Scorpio
Lavik Agile, intelligent Leo
Laxmikant Lord of wealth Aquarius
Lehar Wave Scorpio
Leisha Lucky, happy Leo
Leiyona Lioness Sagittarius
Lekhya Picture, writing, letter Pisces
Lekshmi Goddess of wealth Aquarius
Lemoni Light Sagittarius
Lajja Shyness Aries
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi Libra
Laksya Aim, Target Pisces
Lalasa Love, Desire Aquarius
Lalima Beauty, Redness Scorpio
Latika Small Creeper Taurus
Lavangi An Angel Capricorn
Laxmi Goddess of Wealth Taurus
Leela Divine Play Scorpio
Lekha Writing, Picture Virgo
Lila Divine Play Scorpio
Lilavati Beautiful Scorpio
Lina Tender Aquarius
Lipi Manuscript Aquarius
Lohita Red, Ruby Scorpio
Lopamudra Wife of Sage Agastya Sagittarius
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