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Baby names started with letter J

Name Meaning Zodiac Sign
Jaagrav Alert, Awake Capricorn
Jaagruti Awakening Capricorn
Jaahanvi Another name for the river Ganga Aquarius
Jaanaki Another name for Sita, the wife of Lord Rama Pisces
Jaanvi Another name for the river Ganga Aquarius
Jaapleen One absorbed in meditation of God Sagittarius
Jaasritha One who seeks shelter Scorpio
Jabala Strong as a rock Sagittarius
Jabeen Forehead Sagittarius
Jabeene Forehead Sagittarius
Jabez God will multiply Pisces
Jabir Consoler, Comforter Aries
Jabira Comforter Aries
Jada Wise, Gift Taurus
Jadabala Daughter of Jadon Pisces
Jaganmohini One who attracts the world Scorpio
Jagati Universe, World Aquarius
Jagravi Alert, Awake Capricorn
Jagruti Awareness, Awakening Capricorn
Jagvi Worldly wisdom Aquarius
Jahnavi Another name for the river Ganga Aquarius
Jahanara Queen of the world Aquarius
Jahanvi Another name for the river Ganga Aquarius
Jahnavi River Ganga Aquarius
Jaidayal Victory of kindness Scorpio
Jaiden God has heard Cancer
Jaidev God of victory Scorpio
Jaigath Victorious Scorpio
Jaikara Victory cry Scorpio
Jaimal Garland of victory Scorpio
Jaimini An ancient philosopher Aquarius
Jaina Good character Scorpio
Jaini Gift from God Scorpio
Jaisheel Victorious Scorpio
Jaisudha Nectar of victory Scorpio
Jaitra One who has conquered the enemy Scorpio
Jaivardhan One who attracts victory Scorpio
Jaiveer Victorious, Brave Scorpio
Jaiwant Victory, Success Scorpio
Jaiwanti Victory, Success Scorpio
Jajwalya Luminous, Bright Capricorn
Jalam Water Pisces
Jalbhushan Ornament of water Pisces
Jaldev God of water Pisces
Jalendu Moon in the water Pisces
Jalesh Lord of water Pisces
Jalesha Lord of water Pisces
Jalil Great, Exalted Cancer
Jalila Splendid, Magnificent Cancer
Jalina Calm, Serene Cancer
Jalisa Combination of Jaleesa and Lisa Cancer
Jallavi Whirlpool Pisces
Jalpa Discussion, Dialogue Aquarius
Jalpita Conversation Aquarius
Jamila Beautiful Leo
Jamilah Beautiful Leo
Jammu Cool breeze Aquarius
Jaagrav Alert, awake Aquarius
Jahan The world Scorpio
Jaimin Victory or ancient philosopher Leo
Jaivardhan Prosperous, victorious Pisces
Janki Goddess Sita Virgo
Jasraj King of fame Cancer
Jatin Saintly, noble Aries
Javesh Courageous Aquarius
Jayadev God of victory Libra
Jayashri Goddess of victory Capricorn
Jeevan Life Taurus
Jeet Victory Sagittarius
Jhalak Glimpse Gemini
Jigna Curiosity Leo
Jinal Lord Vishnu Scorpio
Jinesh God of victory Scorpio
Jishnu Arjuna, winner Pisces
Jivan Life Taurus
Jivraj Lord of life Aries
Jovin Swift, rapid Aquarius
Jugal Couple Sagittarius
Jui Flower Pisces
Jyoti Flame, light Scorpio
Jyotsna Moonlight Taurus
Jyotika Light, lamp Cancer
Jyotirmoy Luminous, glowing Scorpio
Jyotish Astrologer Scorpio
Jyotismita Glowing like a flame Scorpio
Jyotiswarup The light of God Pisces
Jyotiswarupini Embodiment of light Scorpio
Jyotisvarupa Radiant like the sun Pisces
Jyotshna Moonlight Taurus
Jyoti-Prakash Light and brightness Scorpio
Jyotsana Moonlight Taurus
Jyotsna Moonlight Taurus
Jyotswaroop Divine light Pisces
Jyotswarup Image of light Pisces
Jyran Lost love Scorpio
Jyvika Piece of heart Scorpio
Jyots Beauty Scorpio
Jyotishmati Luminous, bright Scorpio
Jyotik The sun Scorpio
Jyotiprakash Light of the lamp Scorpio
Jyotirlinga The flame of the soul Pisces
Jyotsnaa Moonlight Taurus
Jyotsnaprabha The brightness of the moon Scorpio
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