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Kannada Baby Girl Names

Baby Name studio provide baby name list for different region baby to different religion baby names list. You can find your trendy baby name in this website.

Baby Name List from A to Z

NameMeaningZodiac Sign
AadhyaFirst power or beginningAries
AahanaInner light or first rays of the sunScorpio
AakruthiShape or formAquarius
AaradhyaWorshiped or adoredScorpio
AarohiAscending or musical notesCancer
AashiSmile or joyGemini
AbhayaFearless or braveSagittarius
AbhilashaDesire or aspirationSagittarius
AditiMother of the gods or freedomCapricorn
AdvikaUnique or one of a kindPisces
AgrataLeadership or priorityLeo
AhanaImmortal or dawnScorpio
AhilyaWithout any deformation or blemishPisces
AishaniGoddess Durga or born of fireScorpio
AishwaryaWealth or prosperitySagittarius
AishwaryamWealth or prosperitySagittarius
AkhilaEntire or completeAquarius
AksharaEternal or indestructibleSagittarius
AkshathaRice used for worship or offeringTaurus
AkshayaEternal or indestructibleTaurus
AkshithaPermanent or eternalAries
AlishaNoble or protected by godCancer
AlkaLock of curly hair or a girl with black hairLeo
AlpanaBeautiful or decorativeGemini
AmaraImmortal or eternalScorpio
AmbikaMother goddess or mother of the universeTaurus
AmeyaBoundless or immeasurablePisces
AmishaBeautiful or truthfulScorpio
AmritaNectar or immortalAquarius
AmrithaNectar or immortalAquarius
AmrutaNectar or immortalAquarius
AmulyaPrecious or pricelessAries
AnaghaWithout any faults or blemishCapricorn
AnahitaGraceful or purePisces
AnamikaRing finger or namelessAquarius
AnanyaUnique or without an equalPisces
AnasuyaWife of sage Atri or without jealousyCancer
AnayaUnique or without an equalPisces
AnikaGracious or sweet-facedCancer
AninditaBeautiful or without any flawsCapricorn
AnishaUninterrupted or continuousScorpio
AnithaGracious or mercifulScorpio
AnkitaMarked or distinguishedAquarius
AnnapurnaGoddess of food or nourishmentTaurus
AnshikaA small portion or a fragmentAquarius
AnshuRay of light or a beam of sunlightPisces
AnshulRadiant or brightLeo
AnuAtom or a small particleCapricorn
AnujaYounger sister or born afterScorpio
AnukritiReplica or imitationAquarius
AnumitaRespectful or modestSagittarius
AnupamaIncomparable or uniquePisces
AnushaBeautiful morning or the first ray of the sunCancer
AnushkaGraceful or politeScorpio
AnvitaConnected or relatedLeo
ApoorvaUnique or unparalleledAquarius
AradhanaWorship or devotionScorpio
AratiWorship or prayerPisces
ArchanaWorship or offeringSagittarius
ArpitaDedicated or surrenderedAries
ArshiaHeavenly or divineScorpio
ArunaDawn or redness of the rising sunAries
ArundhatiA bright star or the morning starPisces
ArushiFirst rays of the sun or redScorpio
AryaNoble or respectfulPisces
AshaHope or desireScorpio
AshikaMercury or a ray of lightPisces
AshimaLimitless or endlessScorpio
AshitaBright or happyAquarius
AshleshaA star or a coiled serpentCancer
AsmitaPride or self-respectSagittarius
AswathiA star or the first nakshatra in Hindu astrologyAries
AtmajaDaughter or born of the selfAquarius
AtreyiName of a river or daughter of sage AtriCancer
AtulaIncomparable or matchlessSagittarius
AvaniEarth or the month of August-SeptemberVirgo
AvantiName of a kingdom or cityPisces
AyeshaLiving or lifeScorpio
BageshriA raga in Indian classical music or a fragrant flowerPisces
BagyaLuck or fortuneAries
BaishaliA dancer or a city in ancient IndiaLeo
BakulaA type of flower or a fragrant blossomTaurus
BandanaPrayer or offeringPisces
BanhiFire or flameSagittarius
BanitaWoman or wifeLeo
BansariFlute or melodiousCancer
BansiFlute or melodiousCancer
BarshaRain or monsoonPisces
BasantiSpring or the season of springAquarius
BelaA type of flower or jasmineAquarius
BhadraAuspicious or luckyTaurus
BhagyaLuck or fortuneAries
BhagyalakshmiGoddess of wealth or good fortuneSagittarius
BhagyashreeLucky or fortunateAries
BhairaviA raga in Indian classical music or the goddess who destroys fearScorpio
BhaktiDevotion or faithScorpio
BhavanaMeditation or contemplationCancer
BhavaniGoddess Parvati or the mother of the universeAries
BhavyaGrand or magnificentAquarius
BhoomiEarth or landTaurus
BhuvanaUniverse or the worldLeo
BinduDrop or pointSagittarius
BinitaHumble or modestSagittarius
BipashaA river or a dark forestPisces
ChaitraFirst month of the Hindu calendar or new beginningAries
ChakoriA bird or a lover of the moonPisces
ChampaA type of flower or fragrantTaurus
ChandanaSandalwood or pleasingScorpio
ChandikaGoddess Durga or fierceAries
ChandniMoonlight or silverAquarius
ChandraMoon or shiningCancer
CharitaGood character or virtuousPisces
CharuBeautiful or attractiveSagittarius
CharulataBeautiful creeper or vineTaurus
ChetanaConsciousness or awarenessLeo
ChhayaShadow or reflectionScorpio
ChitraPicture or paintingScorpio
ChitrangadaName of Arjuna’s wife or one with a picturesque bodyLeo
ChitraniA river or a paintingAquarius
ChitrarekhaA painting or a beautiful lineScorpio
ChitrashriBeautiful painting or imagePisces
ChumbanKiss or embraceAquarius
DarpanaMirror or reflectionLeo
DayaKindness or compassionAquarius
DeepaLamp or lightScorpio
DeepaliRow of lamps or lightsAries
DeepikaLamp or lightAquarius
DevangiDivine body or goddessPisces
DevashreeGoddess or divine beautyScorpio
DeviGoddess or divineScorpio
DevikaLittle goddess or mother of the godsAries
DhanyaThankful or fortunateSagittarius
DharaEarth or constant flowTaurus
DhatriGoddess of health or nurseScorpio
DhrutiPatience or steadfastnessLeo
DhruviFirm or immovableAquarius
DikshaInitiation or dedicationScorpio
DipaliRow of lamps or lightsAries
DipikaLamp or lightAquarius
DiptiBrightness or radiancePisces
DivyaDivine or heavenlySagittarius
DrishtiVision or sightScorpio
DurgaGoddess Durga or invincibleAries
DwitiSecond or anotherLeo
EeshaGoddess Parvati or supreme beingPisces
EilaEarth or the planetSagittarius
EkaUnique or oneAries
EkatmataUnity or onenessPisces
EktaUnity or harmonySagittarius
ElaEarth or cardamomTaurus
EshaniGoddess Parvati or the consort of Lord ShivaScorpio
EshikaArrow or dartLeo
FalguniBorn in the month of Falgun or beautifulPisces
FariaA fragrant flower or pleasingSagittarius
FatimaA daughter of Prophet Muhammad or one who weansAquarius
GangaThe river Ganges or sacredCancer
GarimaDignity or respectAquarius
GauriGoddess Parvati or fairPisces
GeetaHoly book of the Hindus or songAquarius
GeetanjaliOffering of songs or flowersPisces
GirijaDaughter of the mountain or ParvatiScorpio
GitanjaliCollection of poems or songsSagittarius
GaurikaA young girl or goddess ParvatiLeo
GrishmaWarmth or summerPisces
GouriGoddess Parvati or fairSagittarius
GungunBuzzing of bees or musical soundLeo
GunjanBuzzing or hummingScorpio
GunitaVirtuous or righteousSagittarius
HaimaGolden or goddess ParvatiScorpio
HamsikaSwan or gracefulLeo
HamsiniOne who rides a swan or charmingPisces
HaniyaPleasant or agreeableSagittarius
HarikaGoddess Parvati or one who is lovedLeo
HariniDeer or gracefulPisces
HaripriyaBeloved of Lord Vishnu or dearSagittarius
HaritaGreen or natureScorpio
HarshadaGiver of happiness or cheerfulAquarius
HiralLustrous or shinyTaurus
HitaBeneficial or good-heartedLeo
HitaishiWell-wisher or friendScorpio
HithaLove or lovablePisces
IhaDesire or wishAries
IhinaEnthusiastic or energeticLeo
IraEarth or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeScorpio
IshaGoddess Durga or rulerSagittarius
IshaniGoddess Durga or consort of Lord ShivaLeo
IshikaPaintbrush or arrowPisces
IshitaMastery or controlScorpio
JaanviRiver Ganga or one who generates lifeSagittarius
JahnviRiver Ganga or one who generates lifeSagittarius
JaisriVictory or fameLeo
JayaVictory or successScorpio
JayalakshmiGoddess of wealth and victoryPisces
JayantiVictorious or a goddessAries
JayashreeVictorious or the beauty of victoryScorpio
JeevikaLife or vitalPisces
JhanaviRiver Ganga or one who generates lifeSagittarius
JharnaA stream or waterfallScorpio
JignaCuriosity or inquisitiveLeo
JyotiLight or flameAquarius
JyotikaLight or flameScorpio
KajalKohl or eyelinerScorpio
KajolEye makeup or darkAquarius
KalyaniAuspicious or fortunateTaurus
KamakshiOne with loving eyes or a goddessPisces
KamalikaLotus or born of a lotusSagittarius
KananGarden or forestScorpio
KananbalaForest creeper or vinePisces
KanchanaGold or a precious metalLeo
KanikaSmall or delicatePisces
KanishkaA ruler or a precious stoneScorpio
KantaBeauty or belovedLeo
KantiRadiance or beautySagittarius
KanyaMaiden or virginVirgo
KarishmaMiracle or wonderPisces
KavyaPoetry or a poemScorpio
KavyanjaliOffering of poetrySagittarius
KavyashreeBeauty of poetry or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeLeo
KavyataPoetic or beautifulScorpio
KavyanjaliOffering of poetrySagittarius
KavyashreeBeauty of poetry or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeLeo
KavyataPoetic or beautifulScorpio
KavyanjaliOffering of poetrySagittarius
KavyashreeBeauty of poetry or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeLeo
KavyataPoetic or beautifulScorpio
KavyanjaliOffering of poetrySagittarius
KavyashreeBeauty of poetry or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeLeo
KavyataPoetic or beautifulScorpio
KavyanjaliOffering of poetrySagittarius
KavyashreeBeauty of poetry or Saraswati, the goddess of knowledgeLeo
KavyataPoetic or beautifulScorpio
KeerthanaSong or hymnAquarius
KeshikaA girl with beautiful hairScorpio
KethakiA fragrant flowerPisces
KetkiA flower or a fragranceLeo
KhushiHappiness or joySagittarius
KhyatiFame or reputationScorpio
KinjalRiver bank or river’s edgePisces
KinnariA musical instrument or a female musicianLeo
KiranRay of light or sunbeamAquarius
KirtanaPraise or singingPisces
KirtiFame or gloryScorpio
KirtikaA Hindu month or one who is famousLeo
KishoriYoung girl or youthfulSagittarius
KopalDawn or morningPisces
KoustubhaA precious gem or a necklaceScorpio
KrishaDivine or attractiveLeo
KrishiAgriculture or farmingSagittarius
KritiWork or creationPisces
KritikaA group of stars or a critical analysisScorpio
KrittikaA group of stars or a critical analysisScorpio
KshamaForgiveness or patienceLeo
KshitiEarth or natureSagittarius
KshitijaEarth or a daughter of the earthPisces
KshipraSwift or quickScorpio
KshitiEarth or natureSagittarius
KshitijaEarth or a daughter of the earthPisces
KshipraSwift or quickScorpio
KshitiEarth or natureSagittarius
KshitijaEarth or a daughter of the earthPisces
SaahithiLiterature or discussionGemini
SaanviOne who is kind and gentlePisces
SabeenaBeautiful or gracefulSagittarius
SabinaA girl who is beautiful like a flowerScorpio
SabitaRadiant or brightAquarius
SabiyaA girl who is like a star in the skyAquarius
SabrinaA princess or a woman of strengthCancer
SadhanaSpiritual practice or devotionPisces
SagarikaA girl who is like the oceanCancer
SahanaPatient or tolerantAquarius
SahasraA thousand or infinitePisces
SaheliA friend or companionScorpio
SahibaLady or mistressScorpio
SaileeA path or a journeySagittarius
SailiMusical or melodicAquarius
SaishaA divine or godly girlAquarius
SajalaPure or clean waterScorpio
SajaniBeloved or intimateScorpio
SajithaVictorious or successfulScorpio
SakethaA place of peace or happinessPisces
SakhiA female friend or companionScorpio
SakinaTranquility or peacePisces
SakshiWitness or observerSagittarius
SakshitaVisible or seenScorpio
SalenaThe moon or a goddess of the moonCancer
SalmaSafe or secureScorpio
SaloniBeautiful or charmingScorpio
SamairaEnchanting or pleasantAquarius
SamanthaListener or heard by GodSagittarius
SamataEquality or fairnessSagittarius
SamayaTime or destinyScorpio
SamhithaA collection or compilationScorpio
SamidhaAn offering or sacrificeSagittarius
SamikshaAnalysis or examinationSagittarius
SamiraA cool breeze or a wind goddessAquarius
SamitaCollected or gatheredScorpio
SamiyaElevated or exaltedScorpio
SamruddhiProsperity or abundanceTaurus
SamvithaWisdom or knowledgeScorpio
SanamBeloved or dearAquarius
SanataniEternal or ancientPisces
SanchaliMovement or flowScorpio
SanchitaCollected or accumulatedScorpio
SandhyaEvening or twilightScorpio
Sandhya RaniQueen of the evening or twilightScorpio
SandhyaraniQueen of the evening or twilightScorpio
SandhyaSreeEvening beauty or twilight radianceScorpio
SandyaEvening or twilightScorpio
SanemiPious or virtuousScorpio
SanetraAuspicious or fortunateTaurus
SangeethaMusic or melodyScorpio
SanghaviGoddess of the assembly or communityAquarius
SaniyaRadiant or brilliantScorpio
SanjanaGentle or soft-spokenAquarius
SanjithaVictory or successScorpio
SanjnaMemory or remembranceAquarius
SanjuktaUnited or joined togetherScorpio
SanjushreeBeautifully peacefulScorpio
SanmathiWise or intelligentSagittarius
SanobarPine tree or cypressPisces
SanoliWater or fluidScorpio
Sanoli SreeRadiant like water or fluidScorpio
SansaPraise or admirationAquarius
SanskritiCulture or traditionScorpio
SanyaPraiseworthy or commendableScorpio
SanyaSreeRadiant and praiseworthyScorpio
SanyuktaUnited or joined togetherScorpio
SaradaGoddess of knowledge or SaraswatiScorpio
SaraikaSweet or melodious voicePisces
SaralaSimple or straightforwardScorpio
SarangiA musical instrument or melodious voicePisces
SaranyaSurrendered or peacefulPisces
SargamMusical notes or melodySagittarius
SarihaBeautiful like a princess or queenScorpio
SarikaA singing bird or princessScorpio
SarishaCheerful or full of lifePisces
SarithaA river or streamSagittarius
SarojaLotus or water lilyScorpio
SaruNoble or honestSagittarius
SarupraniBeautiful or attractiveScorpio
SasmitaSmiling or cheerfulSagittarius
SathvikaPure or virtuousSagittarius
SatvikiPure or truthfulScorpio
SaumyaGentle or mild-manneredPisces
SavarnaA girl who is like the evening or twilightScorpio
SavithriGoddess of the sun or knowledgeScorpio
SawiniA girl who is musical or melodicPisces
SayaliA girl who is sweet like sugarScorpio
SeemaBoundary or limitScorpio
SeeratInner nature or characterAquarius
SejalPure or cool like waterCancer
SelviHappy or prosperousPisces
SenoritaA girl who is like a lady or mistressScorpio
ShabariA name of Goddess DurgaSagittarius
ShabnamDew or mistPisces
ShachiThe wife of Lord IndraPisces
ShailaA mountain or hillTaurus
ShailajaDaughter of the mountain or Goddess ParvatiTaurus
ShaileeA path or a journeySagittarius
ShaistaGentle or obedientSagittarius
ShakambariGoddess of the harvest or abundanceTaurus
ShakhiA friend or companionScorpio
ShakiraGrateful or thankfulSagittarius
ShaktiPower or energyScorpio
ShalakaA painter’s brush or a markPisces
ShaliniModest or respectfulTaurus
ShamikaA friend or companionScorpio
ShamsaSun or brightnessPisces
ShanayaFirst ray of sun or peaceScorpio
ShandhyaEvening or twilightScorpio
ShanelleGraceful or gentlePisces
ShaniThe planet Saturn or gift of GodAquarius
ShaniaBeautiful or radiantPisces
ShantaPeaceful or calmScorpio
ShantalaGoddess Parvati or peaceScorpio
ShantiPeace or tranquilityScorpio
SharadaGoddess of knowledge or SaraswatiScorpio
SharanyaSurrendered or peacefulPisces
SharikaA singing bird or princessScorpio
ShariniA girl who leads or guidesScorpio
SharleenCharming or attractiveScorpio
SharminShy or modestScorpio
SharvariNight or eveningScorpio
ShashaA girl who is like the moon or the universeScorpio
ShashiThe moon or moonlightScorpio
ShashikalaMoonbeam or moonlightScorpio
ShashiniMoon or nightScorpio
ShatabdiCentury or hundred yearsScorpio
ShatavishaA girl with a hundred rootsScorpio
ShavaniThe planet SaturnAquarius
SheebaPromise or oathPisces
ShefaliA fragrant flower or a sweet fruitScorpio
ShejalPure or cool like waterCancer
ShekinahThe presence of God or divine gloryScorpio
ShereeBeloved or dearPisces
SherinSweet or kindPisces
ShibaniGoddess Durga or daughter of the HimalayasScorpio
ShilpaStone or sculptureScorpio
ShireenSweet or charmingScorpio
ShirinSweet or pleasantScorpio
ShivaniGoddess Parvati or wife of Lord ShivaScorpio
ShiviA girl who possesses wealth or is auspiciousScorpio
ShlokaA hymn or verseScorpio
ShobhaBeauty or eleganceScorpio
ShobhitaAdorned or decoratedScorpio
ShomiliSoft or gentlePisces
ShonaBeautiful or charmingScorpio
ShonaliGolden or beautifulScorpio
ShradhaFaith or devotionScorpio
ShraddhaRespect or homageScorpio
ShreyaAuspicious or fortunateScorpio
ShriWealth or auspiciousnessScorpio
ShrideviGoddess Lakshmi or the divine goddessScorpio
ShrijaBeloved or dearScorpio
ShrilekhaWritten message or letterScorpio
ShrutiLearning or knowledgeScorpio
ShubhaAuspicious or fortunateScorpio
ShubhangiBeautiful or attractivePisces
ShubhraWhite or brightPisces
ShuchiPure or cleanPisces
ShuklaBright or whitePisces
ShwetaWhite or purePisces
SiddhiAccomplishment or attainmentScorpio

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